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About the project

A commercial project for a fictive edition of the BMW M4. Created in just two weeks from concept to finished product, during the pandemic, during the lockdown, just to keep our skills sharp and our minds occupied.

6 Degrees Romania

Client: BMW

Year: 2020


DOP, Lighting TD

Members of 6 Degrees Romania.


Concept Creation

We put our minds to work and created this abstract, fractal racetrack full of dangers that showcases what BMW M division cars are capable of.


Accurate Physics Models and Simulations

We've modeled the full suspension and power train physics model of the car showcased in the video, as well as countless particle and destruction simulations to create the abstract dangers the driver faces.


Full Post Production Suite

Rendering, Compositing, Grading, and everything in between has been handled by our partner post-production companies.


Sound Design

Complete sound design with SFX, music, and engine roar.

The final Director's Cut

Making of video

What did we bring to the table?

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