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About the project

Director's cut for a one-shot commercial carefully planned to stitch 7 shots together with a 4 hour timelapse.

Agency: Schlosser & Friends

Production Company: Trilogy Film

Client: Selgros

Year: 2021


DOP, VFX Supervisor, Motion Control Operator, Visual Engineer, and SFX

Members of 6 Degrees Romania.


Camera, SFX, Motion Control Equipment, and Teams

Provided by our partner rental houses.


Perfect Sync Between Camera, Cinebots, DMX Lights and SFX Triggers

Tested beforehand to guarantee a perfect match on this one-shot project.


Custom Built SFX Trigges & Rigs

Custom motorized mechanism to open windows, custom motorized flame thrower. All triggered by the Bolt cinebot for perfect timing.


Editing, VFX, Color Grading and Sound Design

All provided by the team behind 6 Degrees Romania.

The final Director's Cut

Behind the Scenes video

What did we bring to the table?

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