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About the project

Three Bolt Cinebots work together to not only deliver high-speed motion control but also act as model movers, helping to bring the illusion of The Invisible Man to life. Witness an intricate dance of ingenuity and technology as they seamlessly move the scene around, creating an immersive experience that defies explanation.

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Full Breakdown video coming soon!

Mark Robert's Motion Control

6 Degrees Romania

Year: 2023


DOP, VFX Supervisor, Two Moco Operators, Visual Engineer

Members of 6 Degrees Romania.


Camera, Lighting, SFX, Motion Control Equipment, and Teams

Provided by our partner rental houses.


Studio Space

We have everything we could ever need within arm's reach and a custom-built set, specially created for this project.


Perfect Sync Between Camera, Cinebots, and SFX Triggers

Tested beforehand to guarantee a perfect match on this one-shot project.


Custom Built SFX Trigges & Rigs

Everything you see is an effect obtained by our SFX teams, using custom-built riggs.


Editing, VFX, CGI & Color Grading

All provided by the team behind 6 Degrees Romania.

The final Director's Cut

Behind the Scenes video

What did we bring to the table?

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