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About the project

A vacuum cleaner commercial? can we make it look sleek?

Yes, yes we can!

Agency: McCann UK

Production Company: Rambunctious TV, Videolink

Client: Vax

Year: 2022


DOP, VFX Supervisor, Motion Control Operator, Visual Engineer, and SFX

Members of 6 Degrees Romania.


Camera, SFX, Motion Control Equipment, and Teams

Provided by our partner rental houses.


Perfect Sync Between Camera, DMX Lights, Cinebot and SFX Triggers

Tested beforehand to guarantee a perfect match on this complex project.


Custom Built SFX Trigges & Rigs

All of the shots that show the intricate details and inner workings of the Vax vacuum cleaners were created with the help of custom-built rigs and motorized mechanisms, working in perfect sync with motion control, for a spectacular result.

Vax Edge

Vax Blade

What did we bring to the table?

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