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No news is good news? We don't believe that! We're always building and buying new toys and testing new equipment. We strive to stay up to date, have a look for yourself.

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What do we mean by complex? What can we really do?

Have a look at the challenges we overcame on previous projects. We hope you'll be the next in line to make us scratch our heads and think even further outside the box!

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They say we are separated by 6 people from anyone on the planet. Let's make things easier. Meet our team, meet our friends, and see what we're made of.

Meet our Team

Now that we have your attention... where do we start? Click or Tap ahead and tell us a bit about your project, we'll get back to you before you know it. Looking forward to it!

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Freedom. Artistic and creative freedom. Instead of depending on anyone, we have in our unit, fully equipped rental houses dedicated to making jaw-dropping images. Have a glance at what we have on hand, available at a moment's notice. Something missing? We'll get it for you!

Equipment and Rental

What sets us apart:

6 Degrees Romania is a collective of passionate, like-minded individuals specialized in obtaining the most complicated shots one could think of.

Our team comprises Directors, Cinematographers, Motion Control Operators, VFX Artists, VFX Supervisors, Visual Engineers, Riggers, Lighting Technicians, and all-around tinkerers eagerly awaiting their next impossible challenge.

We specialize in Cinema Robotics & New Technologies, we own our toys, and we have ample studio space to play in. Scroll further to see what 6 Degrees can offer you!

Who are we?

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