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May 26 ⏤ 2023

MRMC published a case study about how we approached the short film "TIM". Have a look for yourselves!

Learn more about the technical aspects of the production as we peel back the layers behind the short film. Discover how the project utilized multipass shooting, fluid human-like movements, and pixel-perfect synchronization to achieve the final short film.

Read the Case Study


May 23 ⏤ 2023

Our short film "TIM" created in collaboration with MRMC has just been released and we're excited to present it to you! 
Click here to go the project page and have a look for yourselves!

MRMC and 6 Degrees proudly present to you ‘TIM’ — a groundbreaking short film, brought to life through the visionary use of three Bolt Cinebots, pushing the boundaries of filmmaking to new heights with a pivotal two-and-a-half minute continuous shot; meticulously choreographed and flawlessly executed.


May 20 ⏤ 2023

Definition Magazine published an in-depth article about our short film TIM. Coming Soon!

Are you curious to find out more about how MRMC and 6 Degrees collaborated to create this micro short entirely with the help of robots, computers, and Ai? 

Read the article.


May 15 ⏤ 2023

MRMC and 6 Degrees are working on an exceptional new project, using advanced motion control with three Bolt Cinebots in ways that have never been seen before.
Want a sneak peak?

The highly anticipated Invisible Man short film is almost here and we’re excited to give you a sneak peek into the intricate and mysterious work happening behind the scenes.

Three Bolt Cinebots work together to not only deliver high-speed motion control but also act as model movers, helping to bring the illusion of The Invisible Man to life. Witness an intricate dance of ingenuity and technology as they seamlessly move the scene around, creating an immersive experience that defies explanation.

Take a sneak peak.


April 12 ⏤ 2023

Thanks to our newest members, the Vicon Valkyrie performance capture system is now part of the team at 6 Degrees. FrameBreed animation studio and Digital Stage, their virtual production division, are guaranteed to stun you with their technology and expertise.

DIGITAL STAGE is a FrameBreed Studio division and facility in Bucharest, Romania. It was created for their studio’s Virtual Production division which uses Unreal Engine and Vicon Motion Capture Systems.


February 15 ⏤ 2023

Check out the latest Director'y interview with Radu Stefan Fulga, co-founder of 6 Degrees Romania.

In this new series of DoP to DoP talks – Mikołaj Krawczunas @mikolajkrawczunas, a DoP passionately interested in the latest technology, invites various cinematographers to share insights into their work. This episode features Radu Stefan Fulga @raduunkle, who is known as a man of many talents and the most technically skilled cinematographer in Romania. 

Read the Interview


December 19 ⏤ 2022

We are working on creating a passion project utilizing two Bolt Cinebots as model movers and the Bolt X as a camera robot!

We are always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of filmmaking and showcase the latest technologies available to us. That's why we are excited to present our project TIM. This short film not only tells a compelling and engaging story but also highlights the technical prowess of the MRMC Bolt cinebot in combination with the Arri Alexa 35.

Coming soon!


December 15 ⏤ 2022

ARRI has posted about our ambitious motion control project!

Cinematographer Radu Stefan Fulga (@raduunkle) relied on ARRI technology like Orbiter and SkyPanel lights, along with the ALEXA Mini camera.

View the ARRI Post


December 13 ⏤ 2022

6 Degrees Romania is featured in the MRMC 2022 High-Speed Showreel!

Introducing the MRMC End-Of-Year Showreel, focusing on some brilliant through-the-lens, high-speed work captured by the Bolt Cinebot Range.

View the MRMC Showreel


November 15 ⏤ 2022

MRMC published a case study about how we approached a difficult job. Come check it out!

We were tasked with creating a visually stunning but extremely challenging commercial for the supermarket giant, Lidl, using two Bolt Cinebots.

Read the Case Study


September 16 ⏤ 2022

Our work has been featured on the MRMC 2022 Showreel!

Mark Roberts Motion Control has honored us by editing in quite a few shots from our portfolio in their High Speed Cinebot 2022 Showreel.

View the MRMC Showreel


August 10 ⏤ 2022

ARRI Alexa 35 is now part of our team!

Finally, the Alexa 35 is here. We took it for a spin back at the studio and we can confirm that it's amazing!


August 06 ⏤ 2022

We are building a giant RGB Led SoftBox.

10 Kw RGB Led, 10 meters by 10 meters, DMX controlled, modular softbox, no joke. It is rated for over 2000fps without flicker and correct exposure. We'll make sure you'll be the first to know when it's ready.


July 31 ⏤ 2022

ARRI Alexa 35 coming soon to our inventory.

For over a decade the ARRI ALEXA camera family has set the gold standard for digital cinematography. Now, ALEXA 35 raises the bar even higher with a new Super 35 format 4.6K sensor and REVEAL Color Science.


 March 21 ⏤ 2022

MRMC Bolt X now available at 6 Degrees Romania.

The Bolt™ X has the longest arm reach of our high-speed equipment. With a reach of 3.2m, the Bolt™ X allows for greater flexibility in capturing shots at high speed in the studio and at location settings.


March 01 ⏤ 2022

6 Degrees Romania gets created.

We finally come together under one name. It's about time!

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